Coloring Pages

I recently had the privilege of contributing some coloring pages (depicting the life of Christ) to the school cirriculum of Heroic Life Discipleship. Above are a handful of them (the last coloring page can be downloaded here as part of a sample PDF of the cirriculum, page 19). HLD is a great organization with an incredible … More Coloring Pages

Unformed Architecture, Informed Community

[an essay by Daniel S Dunn] “Can the form of a building create community? Or is community created in a different way, one that even transcends form? And if it does transcend form, does architecture play any role? The example of federal housing projects, an understanding of collective memory and how it relates to architecture, … More Unformed Architecture, Informed Community

Undergraduate Portfolio

Here’s a brief sampling of some of my best work from school, including a few sketches from a study tour of Italy and Spain I was privileged to take this past May. More work will be forthcoming, but I hope this suffices for the moment.

A Faithful Architecture: Seeking the Shalom of the City for Immigrant and Nation

“Bound up within the city is the destiny of a nation, for within its boundaries is found the meeting of city and field, rich and poor, immigrant and nation. What becomes of the city becomes of the nation.” – A Faithful Architecture: Seeking the Shalom of the City for Immigrant and Nation Find my complete essay here.