My name is Daniel Dunn. I am blessed to be a husband, father, writer, artist, learner and architect-in-training. I graduated magna cum laude from Judson University with my BA in Architectural Studies, where I was privileged to pursue my love for architecture in light of my love for Christ.

I am excited about the good that architecture can encourage in the world by stewarding our physical and cultural resources, fostering relationships, delighting the senses, and serving the needy and vulnerable. But I also understand that it is merely a tool to be wielded for good or evil.

I believe architecture will inevitably embody the values of those who create it – both designers and those for whom it is designed – and that it can, in turn, help inform the values of generations to come. A great responsibility has been laid at our feet; it behooves us to design carefully, humbly, and reverently, for grave consequences must result should we be unfaithful.

I strive to join the ranks of the faithful architects who have gone before me, and I am grateful to continue my education in the field by learning from and engaging with them now as an intern architect at RSA Architects. At RSA I have had the privilege to work on a wide array of protects – from residential to multi-family to commercial – alongside skilled architects, drafters and designers. Every day provides new opportunities to learn and grow, new occasions to give thanks.

I appreciate your interest and welcome any questions or comments. I’d love to connect and I invite you to check out some of my architectural work, writing and art. Hope you enjoy!

Gratefully yours,
-Daniel S. Dunn